Car Battery Jump Starter 1500A Peak 21000mAh Portable Jump Pack, 12V Auto Battery Booster (up to 8.0 LGas, 6.5L Diesel), Power Pack with LED Light, Aluminum Alloy Shell, USB Quick Charge

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listed questions and answers about GREPRO Jump Starter.

Q1. Can I use the GP-JS-1000A to jump start anyvolts and types of vehicles?

No, the unit is designed only for vehicles with 12 volts battery system. But you can use it to jump start multiple types of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, RV, boats, motorcycles, ATV, tractors, and jet skis.

Q2. What is the type of battery in the GP-JS-1000A?

The GP-JS-1000A use lithium-ion battery cells that are UL certified and approved for safety.

Q3. Can I take the GP-JS-1000A on an airplane with me for travel?

Yes, it’s 66.6Wh (18000mAh, 3.7V), which meets the safety certifications for safe transport on an airplane in the U.S. However, we recommend you to check with your airline for any special guidelines they may have about transporting lithium devices.

Q4. Does the GP-JS-1000A work on 110V or 220V?

For American customers, we suggest our customer recharge the unit on 110V with our provided Wall Charger or Cig Lighter Charger.

Q5. Should I charge the GP-JS-1000A before I use it?

Yes. It will arrive by being partially charged. We do recommend that you charge it full to 100% capacity prior to using it to ensure optimal performance.

Q6. How long will it take to fully recharge the GP-JS-1000A?

The unit can be fully charged from completely dead in about 6 hours with the provided Wall Charger or Cig Lighter Charger.

Q7. How long will it take to fully charge my cell phone?

It depends on the capacity of your Cell Phone’s battery. But it does charge USB devices at a fast speed because it has a 2.1 A charge rate at one of the USB ports.

Q8. How long will it hold to supply power for my Laptop?

In most case, it will continuously supply for 4-6 hours.

Q9. How many times can it start a car after a full charge?

On a full charge, the unit can start a V8s and a 6.5L Gasoline motor about 40 times, and Diesel motor about 15 times.

Q10. How many times can it charge my cell phone?

It has 18000mAh of capacity, so the unit can charge the average phone about 7-8 times. But it depends on the capacity of the cell phone’s battery.

Q11. How many times can it charge a Tablet or Pad?

Generally, it can charge the tablet or pad about 4-6 times. But it depends on the capacity of the Tablet’s or Pad battery.

Q12. How big of a motor can it jump start?

A V8s and a Gas-vehicle lower than 6.5L can be started fairly easily. Diesel-vehicle may be up to 5.5L.

Q13. What’s the lifetime of the GP-JS-1000A?

Normally, the E-Power can be used for 3-5 years.

Q14. How long can it be stored after a full charge?

In order to prolong the lifespan of the unit, please charge the unit every three months.

Q15. What's the CCA?


Q16. How long will it hold a charge when not in use?

Dear Jennifer, glad to receive your question. Generally, it is able to hold at least six months after being fully charged. So please recharge it every six months. However, since the battery type is lithium ion, it would be better to recharge the unit ever

Q17. De que origen es este producto

De origen es China.

Q18. I’m planing to use the device abroad, however the power volt is 220. I’m not sure if it is comparable to be used overaseas

Sure. We suggest that you can buy an adapter or a voltage converter.

Q19. Will it jump start a diesel?

Scroll down to the description, tells you everything you need to know, but yes some diesels

Q20. Does it work on a dead battery? Can I take it on plane

Both answers are YES. It will jump start a completely drained battery. At present, it meets the safety certification for safe transport on an airplane in the U.S.. However, we recommend you to check with your airline first for any special guidelines.

Q21. Can this charge a vehicle battery as well too

Yes! We have charged quite a few car/truck batteries with this.

Q22. how many jumps can it do before it needs to be rechared?

It is able to provide 40 jumps after being fully charged.

Q23. Can u charge this thru the usb ports or only with suplied chargers

It only has one 15 volt input for charging to be used with the supplied charger. The rest are outputs including the two USBs.

Q24. Can the charger be charged on a 110 volt house circuit?

Yes it an adapter to charge in a standard 115 volt receptacle.

Q25. What is the warranty and can the batteries be replaced later on if needed too

Dear customer, the warranty is 12-month. When it reaches the end of the warranty period, I am afraid that it can't be returned for a new one or get repaired anymore. But please don’t worry too much about that. On one hand, we have done hundreds of tests a

Q26. How long does it take to recharge?

If the unit is completely drained it will take roughly 6 hours to charge it to 100% with our provided wall charger or cigarette lighter charger.

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