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How To Jump Start Your Vehicle?

  • 1. Make sure your product has a minimum of 3 indicator lights lit, and your vehicles’ accessories are turned off.
  • 2. Plug the smart jumper cable into Jump Start Socket.
  • 3. Connect the smart jumper cable’s red clamp to the positive(+) terminal and the black clamp to the negative(-) terminal of the car battery.
  • 4. Use auto key to start the engine of your car.
  • 5. Remove clamps from the car battery and the plug from the unit then pack away.

Where are the GREPRO products made?

GREPRO products are manufactured in China like any other jump starter brands. The original inventor and the pioneer of the jump starter are all in China. Our GP-JS-1000A is produced by one of the best jump starter manufacturers.

What is the type of battery in GREPRO product?

GREPRO use lithium-ion battery cells that are UL certified and approved for safety.

Can I take GREPRO products on an airplane with me for travel?

At present, all GREPRO products meet the safety certifications for safe transport on an airplane in the U.S. However, we recommend you to check with your airline for any special guidelines they may have about transporting lithium devices.

Do I have to register my GREPRO product for warranty?

We strongly suggest you register your GREPRO product at for better and longer after-sale service. The warranty period will effect since the first day you register on our warranty system within the 30 days from your purchase date. Please note that we also offer 12-month warranty for customers without registering, but will effect since the date you purchase from Amazon.

What are the warranty conditions?

Please visit at

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